Child Protection & Harassment Policy

The Winchester and District Canoe Club is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of its members. All members should show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the Club.

  • Club coaches should follow the BCU Code of Ethics.
  • All Club coaches, helpers and officials working with young people should read and adhere to the BCU Child Protection and Harassment Policy. The Club will follow the guidance of the policy in the event of any concerns or allegations.
  • The Club will ensure that anyone working with young people undertake a screening procedure.
  • All Club members are made aware of the Club Codes of Conduct.
  • The Club will obtain written Medical details of young paddlers which will be made known to coaches where deemed appropriate and/or necessary.
  • The training supervisor use BCU qualified/updated coaches.
  • Unqualified coaches can only work alongside a qualified coach.
  • The club will encourage and support helpers to gain qualifications and assist coaches to stay updated.
  • The Club will identify a person whose role it is to deal with any issues concerning Child Protection and Harassment and notify this person to all members. Anyone with concerns with respect to Child Abuse or Harassment should contact that person. If that person is unavailable they can contact the Club Chairman or the BCU Child Protection Harassment Officer.
  • The Club will adopt and regularly review its Operating and Safety Policies.
  • The Club will review this Policy annually.

If you have any queries or concerns about child protection within the club please contact our Child Protection Officer using the form below

Keeping your Child Safe in Sport

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have issued the "Helping keep your child safe in sport" leaflet, aimed at parents to aid them to ask the right questions about what child protection clubs and centres have in place. Clubs should have a Welfare Officer in place and be working towards training to the BCU Time To Listen course standard for the Welfare officer, the BCU updated its child protection policies in early 2007. If you are unsure please visit the BCU website or speak to your Paddlesport Development Officer. If you have any queries or concerns about child protection within the club please contact our Child Protection Officer. The government Helping Keep Your Child Safe in Sport leaflet is available to download here.

Contact the Welfare Officer