Club Rules

These rules are for your safety, please respect and obey these rules: they will be enforced. The club will not accept any responsibility for any person acting outside of these rules.

  • Buoyancy aids must be worn by all persons on the water.
  • Spraydecks must not be used until 1 Star is held; Paddlepower Passport is complete; or with the permission of a qualified coach.
  • Novice paddlers (i.e. not completed 1 Star/Passport) must stay between the end of the Bowling Green and the downstream T-junction unless invited¬†by a paddler 2 Star/Discover or above.
  • Paddlers must be in groups of at least three boats. This does not apply to those who have completed 2 Star/Discover or ranked competitive paddlers using the site. Members under 16 must be in groups of three¬†regardless of their qualifications.
  • Paddlers using Durngate must wear helmets and have three 2 Star/Discover level paddlers on the water.
  • All under 16 paddlers must be supervised by a parent or appointed adult from either the bank or from the water.
  • Seal launching is not allowed on any part of the river as it can damage the river banks except when using plastic boats and bank protection devices are used.
  • If you use club equipment please put it away tidily after use. Please drain and wipe boats if necessary.
  • Please try and help keep the club premises tidy and safe for all users.
  • Do not paddle up stream further than the rope across the river.
  • Much of the river has deep silt on the banks and under the water so avoid paddling alone.